Some may say that the Pendleton sweater that Jeff Bridges' character Jeff "The Dude" Lebowski's wears in Joel and Ethan Coen's 1998 cult comedy The Big Lebowski is a tenuous link to Oregon, and that I have no real business writing about John Goodman's Hollywood Walk of Fame star ceremony. To that I say: Yeah, well, that's just like, your opinion, man.

On Friday, Jeff Bridges reprised his beloved character to honor his Lebowski co-star John Goodman, who played cantankerous Vietnam veteran Walter Sobchak alongside Bridges' slacker non-hero The Dude, at Goodman's Hollywood Walk of Fame Ceremony in Los Angeles.

After some small talk, Bridges hands Goodman a brown leather satchel—what appears to be the same one the actors use as part of a botched hostage rescue in Lebowski—from which Bridges removes the famed beige cardigan, originally produced by Pendleton Woolen Mills in the 1970's.

Donning the sweater, Bridges snaps into The Dude's stonery cadence, honoring Goodman with a stilted, discursive speech paying homage to Goodman's long career as a "showman" using several references to Lebowski. Goodman fails to keep a straight face during Bridges' dedication.

It's a heartwarming video for fans of the film and newcomers alike, but fans will delight in how Bridges effortlessly brings The Dude to life. Goodman's star will really tie the Walk of Fame together.