This is not a drill. This is not a college party in Brooklyn. Bill Murray is in Portland.

He's playing music at the Schnitz tonight, in a show so sold out the tickets are reselling for $250 on StubHub, to support a debut album that's a mix of standards, literary readings and a West Side Story medley.

But in the meantime? Apparently, he's been drifting through downtown Portland for the past few hours.

First there was this, an ecstatic post from barber Sebastian Cantu at Union Barber Co. on Southwest 9th Avenue:

Then there was this, a shot at the US Outdoor Store:

There are surely more to come. Bill Murray rarely holds still. Eventually he will be in your living room, talking uncomfortably to your grown daughter, declaring your leftover turkey divine.

We don't normally get all excited about celebrities coming to town. But this is Bill Murray himself, the gravy train with biscuit wheels, the man Portland has many times invited to live here because we're desperate people:

Except now you're the groundskeeper and he's the gopher: Catch him if you can, I guess. Or buy a $250 ticket from an on-line scalper.

Just… don't try to take his picture without him knowing. Trust us on that.