BREAKING: Portland’s Last Blockbuster is Closing

Another one bites the dust, and there will now be only nine Blockbuster Video stores open in the country.

The Portland area's last Blockbuster is closing.

As first reported by The Oregonian, the Sandy, Oregon, Blockbuster announced via Facebook that it will close at the end of the year.

"We want to say THANK YOU to all of our customers, the City of Sandy and all our wonderful staff over the years for this incredible journey," the post said. "The time has come and everything in the store MUST GO! Grab some stocking stuffers and a few flicks for yourself."

As we reported in an August feature on the Sandy Blockbuster, until now there were three Blockbusters in the state of Oregon, and 10 nationwide. The Sandy Blockbuster survived as long as it did because of internet speeds in the rural areas of the Hoodland, which make streaming a dicey proposition. The Blockbuster franchise filed for bankruptcy in 2010, and the interior of the store was frozen in time, with signs provided by corporate advertising seven-year-old Xbox 360 games.

Since 2000, the Sandy Blockbuster has been owned by Andy Anderson. When he bought the location, originally called Star Video, there were over 9,000 Blockbuster stores.

"It's not uncommon for visitors to stop in to check us out and often comment on how much they miss their local video store in their hometown," Anderson told us at the time.

If you want one last dose of nostalgia stop by the store before the end of the month.