Last summer's billboard campaign trying to lure the King to Portland may have failed, but it looks like LeBron James and Damian Lillard might be teaming up after all—not in Portland, or Los Angeles, but in space.

Or Space Jam, rather.

If you recall, last year, James headed west for the first time in his career to join the Los Angeles Lakers, but the move hardly seemed motivated by basketball—it mostly seemed like he just wanted to finally wanted to get the long-rumored sequel to Michael Jordan's 1996 cartoon, uh, "classic" into theaters, with himself as the star.

Things haven't gone so well, though. Reports came out that James was having trouble casting the movie, either due to sneaker-endorsement bureaucracy, or the fact that today's NBA stars don't want to be depicted having their skills stolen by aliens only to have LeBron single-handedly destroy them in a game of intergalactic hardwood supremacy. That happens enough in real life as it is.

But it seems like a cast may finally be coming together, according to the very reliable NBA reporter Shams Charania—and it features a few familiar faces, one that Portland fans will care about more than the others:

Appears that Dame D.O.L.L.A. is looking to expand his acting range beyond those State Farm commercials where he plays Chris Paul's infant son.

We don't have any more info beyond that, but it's probably a good time to let WW contributor Corbin Smith remind you that the original Space Jam mostly kind of sucks.