Clinton Street Theater Will Start Screening “The Rocky Horror Picture Show” for Live Audiences Again

The century-old cinema will also be available for private rentals starting April 1.

The time warp? We're doing it again?

With coronavirus cases in Oregon declining and Multnomah County moving into the "moderate risk" category, a few signs of pre-pandemic normalcy are gradually returning—and in Portland, few things are as normal as weekly midnight screenings of The Rocky Horror Picture Show at Clinton Street Theater.

The century-old cinema has played the cult-classic musical every Saturday night for almost 43 years. When the state economy first shut down a year ago today, it appeared the tradition would end. But the theater has kept the streak alive, continuing to play the movie straight through every weekend to a mostly empty room.

Soon, however, there will soon be more than a handful of butts in those seats: Public screenings of The Rocky Horror Picture Show will resume the first weekend of April.

It won't quite be the same experience, of course. Under the "moderate risk" designation, indoor entertainment venues can only operate at 50% capacity, meaning that only 50 people will be allowed in. And because venues are forced to close at 11 pm, the screenings will not take place at midnight—Nathan Williams, who hosts the showings, isn't yet sure of the new start time, but guests will be required to purchase a ticket in advance.

In addition, the Clinton Street will also be made available for private rentals beginning April 1. Bookings cost $100 per hour and guests are limited to 12 people.

In a newsletter, the theater said it's hoping to be resume regular operation by June.

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