We’ve waited far too long to hear Nicolas Cage intone the phrase, “Where’s my pig?”

Back in the halcyon days of September 2019, it was reported that the endearingly unhinged actor was in town to shoot a movie in which he plays a reclusive truffle hunter who’s forced to “journey into Portland—and his long-abandoned past” after someone kidnaps his beloved foraging pig, which is just a chef’s kiss of a concept for a Nic Cage vehicle. Like everything else, though, the film, simply titled Pig and directed by Michael Sarnoski, had its release derailed by the pandemic.

Finally, the trailer is here. We’ve got Pacific Northwest forest. We’ve got a Portland cityscape. We’ve got Cage with an unkempt beard delicately plating food, suggesting that he’s not just a woodland hermit but a chef who’s fallen from grace. And, yes, we’ve got him gruffly inquiring about the whereabouts of his missing porker.

Feast your eyes:

Of course, the synopsis suggests a ham-based take on John Wick, but the trailer hints at a darker and introspective movie, which either makes the film more interesting or deeply disappointing, depending on your perspective.

Who knows, though? It could be a bait-and-switch, and in the next teaser he’ll beat a gangster to death with a frying pan and yell, “I used to be a fungi, but now you’re bacon me crazy!”

Either way, we’re excited. Pig hits theaters (remember those?) on July 16.