Get Your Reps In: Éric Rohmer’s “The Green Ray” Comes to the 5th Avenue Cinema

What to see at Portland’s repertory theaters.

The Green Ray (1986)

French auteur Éric Rohmer has a gift for articulating the inarticulable, particularly the cavernous maw of chronic loneliness and desire. In this profound character study, an alienated Parisian woman (Marie Rivière, who also co-wrote the screenplay) on a series of solo summer vacations grapples with her swirling anxieties and impossible romantic ideals. Screens in 35 mm. 5th Avenue, July 29-31.

Harold and Maude (1971)

Harold (Bud Cort) is a death-obsessed young man who elaborately stages suicide attempts to gain his cold mother’s affection; Maude (Ruth Gordon) is a manic pixie dream senior who injects a bit of joie de vivre into his gloom. In this Hal Ashby-directed classic, the unlikely duo fall in love to the tune of an original soundtrack composed by Cat Stevens. Featuring an introduction by film programmer Elliot Lavine, the screening is part three of Cinema 21′s “Seven From the ‘70s” series. Cinema 21, July 30.

Mermaids (1990)

Cher stars in this dramedy as a free-spirited single mother of perpetually embarrassed Charlotte (Winona Ryder) and Kate (Christina Ricci). After settling in a small Massachusetts town, both Charlotte and her mom find love, upending the family dynamic, for better and for worse. Screens as part of Portland Mermaid Week. Clinton, July 30.

Magic Mike XXL (2015)

One of the rare sequels that outshines the original, this installment in the MMCU (Magic Mike Cinematic Universe) finds our beloved exotic dancer with a heart of gold (Channing Tatum) on a road trip with his boys to Myrtle Beach for one last male stripper convention. Portland’s own Byron Beck (who wrote a column for WW from 2001 to 2008!) will attend to read Tatum’s children’s book, The One and Only Sparkella. PAM CUT at OMSI Bridge Lot, July 30.

The Warriors (1979)

After being framed for the murder of a respected gang leader, the titular Warriors are forced to journey all the way from the Bronx to their home turf of Coney Island, fighting off cops and hordes of rival gangs (including the iconic Baseball Furies, a source of many a Halloween costume) in this rowdy action-crime cult classic. Screens in 35 mm. Hollywood, July 30-31.


Academy: The NeverEnding Story (1984), July 27-28. Pee-wee’s Big Adventure (1985), July 27-28. Creature From the Black Lagoon (1954), July 29-Aug. 4. Bend of the River (1952), July 29-Aug. 4. Clinton: The Little Mermaid (1976), July 27. Hollywood: The Bitter Tears of Petra von Kant (1972), July 29. Bio-Dome (1996), July 29. Psychotronic Afterschool Special in 16 mm, Aug. 1. Avenging Force (1986), Aug. 2. PAM CUT at OMSI Bridge Lot: Monsoon Wedding (2001), July 28. Ghostbusters (1984), July 29.