Guillermo del Toro’s “Pinocchio” Is Playing at Cinemagic, Followed by a Q&A With Crew Members

A previous Q&A for the film at the theater sold out.

If you missed out on the recent Cinemagic screening of Guillermo del Toro’s stop-motion animated Pinocchio film that included a post-film discussion with a crew member, you’re in luck: The theater has added a second Q&A, scheduled for 7 pm Wednesday, Nov. 30.

Like the recent Wendell & Wild, Pinocchio was made in the Portland area (it was crafted by local studio ShadowMachine). While a lineup of interviewees for the Nov. 30 Q&A has yet to be finalized, the first event featured Gavin Brown (lighting and camera), Rob Desue (art director), Holly Klein (editor), Jan Maas (lead animator), and Jason Ptaszek (camera assistant and time-lapse photographer).

If you can’t make the Q&A, there will be plenty of other screenings of the film at the theater. A full schedule of showtimes is at Cinemagic’s website.

Pinocchio (which is currently in theaters, with a Netflix debut scheduled for next month) is being touted as a major contender for the Best Animated Feature Oscar. So far, its only serious competition is Pixar’s Turning Red.

Del Toro worked on Pinocchio for years. The project started coming together after his gothic fairy tale The Shape of Water (2017) won Best Picture and Best Director, after which del Toro took a break from filmmaking, then started work on Pinocchio and Nightmare Alley, his ill-fated 2021 Oscar contender.

Del Toro’s other films include the acclaimed Pan’s Labyrinth (2006) and the joyously goofy monsters-versus-robots showdown Pacific Rim (2013), which WW’s AP Kryza rightly dubbed the “Smartest Stupid Movie” of the year.

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