Portlanders, Get Your Tickets for “The Eras Tour” Movie Now Before They’re Gone. Seriously.

The Taylor Swift concert movie hits theaters Friday, Oct. 13. And it’s definitely going to be pandemonium.

Taylor Swift performs in 2019 at Madison Square Garden. (Brian Friedman/Shutterstock)

Portland Swifties mourned when it was announced that Taylor Swift’s blockbuster Eras Tour wouldn’t be making it to Portland (what does Seattle have that we don’t? And did she forget that we were once the home of her beloved Duke’s Bar & Grill? Jeez).

But justice is coming in the form of the upcoming Eras Tour movie, which opens in Portland (and everywhere else) on Friday, Oct. 13. And if it’s anything like the actual concert tour, it’s going to end friendships and create general chaos.

In our post-COVID age of hollowed-out movie theaters, getting the perfect seat is usually no problem. However, tickets for The Eras Tour are selling faster than they did for Star Wars: The Force Awakens (yeah, that’s right: A geriatric Han Solo is no match for Taylor. Duh).

So if you’re a die-hard fan and want to see the film opening weekend, now is the time to buy your tickets and start planning how you’ll survive the pandemonium. With that in mind, here are some of the pros and cons when it comes to buying tickets at the most notable Portland theaters playing The Eras Tour.

1. McMenamins Bagdad Theater & Pub

As anyone who’s made it through a Marvel or Star Wars screening at the Bagdad knows, the theater has a raucous, all-ages, fan-and-family-friendly vibe. The party will be bigger and louder here (and the prices cheaper), so if that’s the experience you want, go forth, faithful Swiftie.

2. Regal Lloyd Center

IMAX. Need I say more? Well, actually, yes. It’s awesome that Regal Lloyd has reserved multiple IMAX showtimes for Taylor, but beware: The monstrosity known as assigned seating strikes again. Whatever you do, do not buy a ticket for a seat in row G: a giant metal railing will block your view of the screen. That said, the entire theater is nearly sold out opening night, so even the lame seats are going fast.

3. Cinemark Clackamas and Cedar Hills

In the battle between beleaguered theater chains, Cinemark is beating Regal handily these days (the chairs are more comfortable, the projection looks better, and, oh yeah, Cinemark isn’t bankrupt). Plus, Clackamas and Cedar Hills will be showing the film more than 20 times a day in some cases. So if you want the most chill Taylor experience possible, you have the option of sitting back in a recliner at a 10:05 am showing. To each their own Swiftie spiritual awakening.

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