A 4K Restoration of Francis Ford Coppola’s “One From the Heart” Is Coming to the Hollywood Theatre

The “Godfather” director’s infamous 1981 flop is getting a second chance on the big screen.

"One From the Heart" (IMDB)

As with many auteurs, Francis Ford Coppola’s filmography can be divided neatly into several categories: stone-cold classics, minor masterpieces, intriguing misfires, and what-the-heck-was-he-thinking disasters.

Even if you’re a die-hard Coppola devotee, you probably rank his critical and commercial failure One From the Heart in one of the last two categories. But Portland moviegoers will get a chance to reconsider the film’s legacy when a 4K restoration screens at the Hollywood Theatre on Monday, May 6.

A Tom Waits-scored musical about a warring couple, Hank (Frederic Forrest) and Frannie (Teri Garr), whose relationship is tested by the allure of two dashing strangers (Nastassja Kinski and Raul Julia), One From the Heart nearly drained the coffers of Coppola’s American Zoetrope when it was released to withering reviews in 1981.

Subtitled Reprise, the new version of the film isn’t just a remastered rendition. It restores 19 minutes sliced from the original theatrical release, much to Coppola’s pleasure.

“I’ve always loved One From the Heart, despite the disruption it caused in my dreams for American Zoetrope,” Coppola said in 2023, according to IndieWire. “However, there is magic in cinema and while preparing this film for 4K, it was apparent I could refine the story.”

2024 promises to be a big year for Coppola, who recently completed his long-in-the-works passion project Megalopolis (which was recently screened to divisive but undeniably intriguing reactions).

Tickets for One From the Heart ($10-$12) are available at hollywoodtheatre.org.

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