A new map of the most popular HBO series in each state, as determined by internet search interest, shows Oregon's favorite series to be "Sex and the City."

Using Google Trends to track popular searches, the internet service provider Frontier Communications collected data from CableTV.com in order to determine if the region we live in influences our viewing habits. The researchers excluded any talk shows, mini-series, documentaries, and historical dramas. Only series with at least one full season were included.

Some of the findings show geographic location to influence series preference. For instance, the show "Ballers," is set in Miami and was found to be most popular HBO series in the state of Florida, "The Sopranos" was the most popular show in New Jersey and "Sex and the City" as also the most popular show in New York.

"Treme," the series about the historically black New Orleans neighborhood, is found to be the most popular HBO series in Louisiana. "Deadwood," the historical drama set in South Dakota performed well exclusively within state-lines. Residents of California favor the tech-savvy comedy, "Silicon Valley" and "The Wire" was most popular in Maryland.

So basically, the findings show that people like to watch stories about themselves. For Oregon—who is only famous enough for a show on the Independent Film Channel and to have characters be from there, but not set there—we like to catch up with Carrie, Miranda, Samantha and Charlotte.

Anyway, here is the list of each state's most popular shows in it's entirety.

Previous research projects by Frontier included one that compiled data to determine each state's favorite sport. Apparently, we were really into badminton.

If you're the paranoid type and want to stop Google from tracking your searches there is a way for you to opt out.