Have you ever wanted to own a haunted pregnancy test? How about a spooky puka shell necklace? What about a "sword blanket?" Well, I have good news for you: following the series finale of Portland-based supernatural detective series Grimm, all of these dreams can come true.

Starting at 7 pm, PST, Friday, March 31 you can bid on 522 props used by major characters from the show Grimm through the auction website ScreenBid.

Props include the relatively mundane—office chairs, bicycles and phone cases—through the fantastic—spiked maces, statues and books of occult rituals.

This auction follows a warehouse prop sale earlier this month which drew hundreds of people.

Bidding begins on most items in this auction between $25 and $100. The auction will run until 11 pm on Thursday, April 6.

Spend a couple of minutes browsing all of the cool stuff for sale on ScreenBid: you may find the box of hair and wedding rings you never knew you needed, or a fake ID (if you get in trouble, tell them a werewolf gave it to you) . And don't forget to take a look at the item descriptions, because some of them are pretty funny. You can take place in the auction by creating an account on this page.

Good luck!