Could you loosely pass for a college kid? Have you always dreamed of being an extra in a spinoff series? Do you love campy teen dramas?

This could be your moment.

The Perfectionists, a spinoff of the now-ended teen drama mystery series Pretty Little Liars, just put out a call for extras. The show's fictional town of Beacon Heights will use Portland and Forest Grove as its backdrop.

According to Portland's A Bit Extra Casting, there are a lot of background roles to be filled.

"While we are looking to hire a lot of college aged looking twenty-somethings," the application reads, "there will be roles available for people of all ages."

Of course, this spinoff—like almost any other high school or college-based TV series—might not be overly concerned with matching the real ages of its cast members with their fictional ages. One of The Perfectionists' "college age" leads, Janel Parrish, is 29. And the stars of Pretty Little Liars, meant to be high school-aged, range from 22 to 32 years old.

Meaning: you should call up your friends, and your parents, and your elderly neighbor who has maintained an impeccable skin care routine, and apply to be an extra. Because, really, you have very little to lose and a very good chance of being cast.