In an entertainment landscape dominated by existing intellectual properties, almost any show with an original concept these days is worth anticipating—especially if the idea sounds totally bonkers.

Kill the Orange-Faced Bear, a new TV comedy shooting in Portland, certainly fits that description. Per a press release from TBS, the show is about a man seeking revenge against the bear that ate his girlfriend on a camping trip, making it sound something like The Revenant crossed with The Life Aquatic.

The show will star Damon Wayans Jr.—maybe best known as Coach from New Girl but who should be most famous for his role on Happy Endings, one of the best canceled-too-soon sitcoms of the past decade—as the vengeful boyfriend. If the general idea isn't weird enough for you, according to the press release, "We'll follow his side of the story as well as the bear's, who is just trying to move on from the incident and navigate the other idiot bears in her life."

The show is the brainchild of Chris Romanski, co-creator of Spike's Blue Mountain State and most recognizable as Punchy from How I Met Your Mother. 

Despite that inauspicious résumé, the whole thing sounds so weird we have to admit we're curious. The pilot is scheduled to shoot in Portland in May.