Any documentary series about cat lovers would be worthless without the inclusion of Moshow, Portland’s resident cat rapper.

Thankfully, the producers of Netflix’s upcoming docuseries, Cat People, have him front and center.

Not to be confused with the erotic horror film of the same name, the show is described as an exploration of “our fascinating relationship with cats through the lens of some the most remarkable, and surprising ‘cat people’ in the world.” Moshow is the first person to pop up in the trailer, and is featured prominently on the promo art.

“Im from the projects of baltimore city where they said I would be dead or in jail and wouldn’t make it pass the age of 16 and NOW LOOK!!!” the rapper wrote on Instagram. “NEVER GIVE UP ON YOURSELF!”

Moshow, whose given name is Dwayne Molock, started writing rap songs about his cats shortly after graduating from college, but his social media profile really took off after relocating to Portland in 2015. He currently has 347,000 followers on Instagram, and his music videos rack up thousands of views on YouTube.

Cat People premieres on Netflix on July 7.