Why Playwright and Theater-Maker Josie Seid Loves Portland

Our theater community rules.

Josie Seid (Josie Seid)

“Of course, what I love about Portland is its theater. The level of talent I’ve seen on the stages in this town often leaves me breathless and takes up residence in my brain for months beyond the closing of the curtain. But who I really love are the theater makers. Those people who will drive for miles to make sure you have a prop you need. Or the people who will give you keys to their theater so you can raid their costume closet because you realized your budget was way smaller than you originally thought. Or those people who will let you sneak onto their porch in the middle of the night (because you’re at rehearsal, so you can’t greet them) to borrow a bench for their show. Portland theater makers are deeply talented, tenacious, kind and, best of all, they make you feel like family.”

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