Jerena Donovan thinks Portland needs a new motto.

"Keep Portland Weird" had a good run, but it doesn't quite reflect the mettle of a town that just came out in droves to oppose a federal occupation. A tougher, more defiant slogan would speak better to the moment.

So Donovan and some old work friends came up with one. It's simple, direct and not entirely safe for work, but still looks good slapped on a bumper sticker: "Don't Fuck With Portland."

Sticker design by Lisa Fox.
Sticker design by Lisa Fox.

Kathy Pearson, Donovan's former co-worker at the Kaiser Permanente Center for Health Research, had the idea while watching the protests unfold from Little Rock, Ark., where she now lives. Another friend, Lisa Fox, did the design, while Donovan is in charge of distribution.

The stickers cost $2.50, with proceeds to benefit Black Lives Matter-affiliated organizations. Donovan is in the process of getting them into local stores, but for now, you can email an order to