IMAGE: Christopher Onstott

Analog Cafe & Theater (720 SE Hawthorne Blvd., 206-7439, has long been an afterthought in lower Hawthorne's utilitarian zone. But for a certain scene—it's owned and operated by members of the band Smoochknob, which sounds like a band called Smoochknob should—the downstairs lounge and upstairs performance venue nonetheless foster a dark-lit, leather-strewn malleability appropriate for a wide range of entertainments. One night, an alt-circus sideshow. The next, garage bands.

This has seeded a very particular demographic, which you might call "models-to-hesher." There is therefore no better place to give away free marijuana on Monday night in our new era of legalization. So the Analog now hosts Marijuana Monday—a weekly night devoted to burlesque, political theater with Fight Church Television, and handing out free weed. Judging from the hordes pushing endlessly to the front of Medible Edibles' display booth, you could never say pot dulls motivation.

The crowds had a single-minded purpose that outdid any young brides flooding

a white sale.

Much of the wait came from the availability of options on hand: Lucky clubgoers could take their choice of chocolate-chip cookies, a pumpkin spice muffin, or just under a gram of smokable weed.

Starting Aug. 3, the Analog had planned to hand out tickets to prevent the shoves and double-dipping. Meanwhile, raffle winners could score flower listed at a whopping 31.38 percent THC. As curious shoppers ignored the pressure of elbows against spinal cords, the performers of burlesque showcase Gothique Blend did their best to distract onlookers toward the stage. Just around the corner from the entrance, near the smokers outside—tobacco only because smoking greenery is prohibited on the premises—ancillary merch tables hawked trippy posters, and a small kiosk set up by Vancouver's the Herbery offered whiffs of its strains. But interest seemed scant once potential patrons realized that only the smells were free. At this particular event, there was little need to whet the appetite.