This Wednesday, the newest New Seasons Market goes where no New Seasons has gone before: The location at 4500 SE Woodstock Blvd. will have a rooftop bar and dining area.

The "Treehouse Bar" seats 100, and if you are wondering who opens a rooftop bar in late October, yes, it's all-weather. Of course it is. Why does Woodstock get all the nice things?

(Courtesy of New Seasons)
(Courtesy of New Seasons)

The bar, which by now is making your local New Seasons seem shabby and outdated even though it opened only two months ago, will include a children's play area and fire pits with cider and beer on tap and wine and growler fills.

There are a fair number of houses available for rent in the Woodstock neighborhood, if you're suddenly getting a feeling it might be time to move away from your comparatively lame New Seasons.

The grand opening of New Seasons' 18th store will take place Oct. 21, starting at 10 am.