It's been almost three years since Regal's Fox Tower Cinemas applied for a license to serve somewhat overpriced wine and beer in plastic cups.

Well, they're still serving that. And you can have it if you want. Spoiler alert! It's Heineken.

But as for us? We'll be ordering that first refuge of the scoundrel, a gin and tonic. Or maybe, like, a rum and coke. Or a whiskey and coke.

Because, finally, booze is hitting the mainstream cinemas. Fox Tower Stadium 10—the first Regal-type cinema to get beer back in the day, if you remember, because the prestige-picture, Miramax-y, arthouse crowds are so respectable—has now applied for a full liquor license.

We have no problem foreseeing booze at the mall cinemas next: the Bridgeports of the world, and the saved-from-certain-death Lloyd cinemas. As my sainted uncles all used to say, why in the living hell would you be at the shopping mall sober?

No reason. No reason at all.