Locale, modeled after the day-drinksy coffee bars of Europe, serves a perma-tap of Pilsner Urquell poured with extra foam so the beer never touches oxygen, amid five taps of mostly German and Czech-style beer. During the day it's one of the few places locally to pick up a meticulously brewed cup of Heart coffee, and there's a fine selection of victuals from $8 prosciutto-and-brie sandwiches down to $2 bread and honey. But for the afternoon drinker, note that the shelves behind the bar serve possibly the city's most ambitious selection of vermouth, with multiple flights from local to far-flung, including extremely limited-edition pours the bar might keep tucked away. This tiny Mississippi Avenue hole in the wall—built out in white tile and geometric wood panels—is a little like a boozier version of nearby twee breakfast nook Sweedeedee, or maybe a less boozy version of Tabor's Tannery Bar. But like both of those places, the cafe tempers its preciousness with straightforward competence. There's simply nothing bad here.

HAPPY HOUR: 4:30-6:30 pm daily. $1 off beer, wine and vermouth.

4330 N Mississippi Ave., 503-946-1614, localepdx.com. 7 am-10 pm daily.