EastBurn is like a bar with hidden levels—especially because it literally has a hidden level downstairs filled with skee ball and Pac-Man, not to mention a raucously popular comedy night on Mondays. But there's also always a rare beer you didn't know about on tap or a goofball deal you'd have no reason to expect, like $2 whiskeys on Wednesday and $2.50 craft pints on Tuesday. Meanwhile during the playoffs, the bar tosses out free beers when the Blazers score over 100, like the Blazers themselves used to do with chalupas. There are monthly brewer dinners at surprisingly low prices. They show The Walking Dead on the projector. There's brunch every day. But the true hidden level is our favorite police tweet of the year: "Police enrt to East Burn Bar. Male reportedly stole a brisket out of the smoker and is sitting next door eating it."

Happy hour: 3-6 pm daily. $3.50 wells, $3.50 select pints, $3 off house cocktails, food specials.

Entertainment: Skee ball, arcade games, comedy, live music, Timbers, Blazers, presidential debates, The Walking Dead.

1800 E Burnside St., 503-236-2876, eastburn.pagecloud.com. 10 am-midnight Sunday-Thursday, 10 am-2 am Friday-Saturday.