Ecliptic Brewing

Just a couple years ago, this space sat unnoticed, tucked away next to the city's fleet-services yard in industrial North Portland. Today, Ecliptic's parking lot is nearly always packed with cars and Brewvana tours, testament to its expanded and increasingly polished lineup of brews and food. Founded in 2013 by John Harris, formerly of Deschutes and McMenamins, Ecliptic maintains a celestial theme, rotating its menu every six weeks based on solstices and equinoxes, and naming most beers after stars, constellations and nebulae. Indeed, the most recent seasonal lineup was, in keeping with the stellar theme, expansive, including everything from a saison to a raspberry ale and a sour, with a handful of IPAs and Spica Pils, an unfiltered and yeasty Pilsner, but the brightest star in this galaxy remains its sizable outdoor patio with a view overlooking downtown.

Happy hour: All day Monday, 3-6 pm Tuesday-Friday.

Entertainment: Such a big patio.

825 N Cook St., 503-265-8002, 11 am-10 pm Sunday-Thursday, 11 am-11 pm Friday-Saturday.