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Gold Dust Meridian

This modish lounge on Hawthorne was originally an accountant's office. It still looks like someplace D.B. Cooper might have dropped in for a consultation after his cash infusion. The front patio is oddly popular given all the traffic on Hawthorne, but you'll find us under the teak-wood roof, probably sitting on the long banquette, where the red-hued light is flattering and the generous happy hour runs until 8 pm even on Saturday. The cocktail menu reads fancier than it is—this is a good thing in a town where too many spots have started outsmarting themselves—and tend toward basic bourbon or cava-based sparkling cocktails like an extra peachy Bellini. If you want to keep it Cooper-y, get bourbon and water.

Happy hour: 2-8 pm daily and all day Sunday. 50 cents off wells and pints, $1 off wine.

3267 SE Hawthorne Blvd., 503-239-1143503-239-1143, 2 pm-2:30 am daily.