Goose Hollow Inn

Founded by Bud Clark in 1967, Goose Hollow Inn feels like both a museum for Portland's former mayor and an extension of him. Even if the now-84-year-old Clark doesn't frequent it as much as he used to, he never feels far away. The iconic "Expose Yourself to Art" poster of Clark flashing the Kvinneakt statue downtown hangs on the wall. There's also a framed "Honorary Mayor for Life" plaque. Members of the Clark family are pouring your drinks behind the counter. The clientele at Goose Hollow Inn also feels relatively unchanged, with a healthy mix of aging regulars, alcohol enthusiasts prepping for a Timbers match, and wide-eyed suburbanites emerging from a tunnel to taste one of the finest Reubens in town. It's not so much a bar as a place to have a beer or two on the patio while shoving a wonderfully greasy sandwich down your gob. Keep your ears peeled and you might just hear a good story about Old Portland. You might just be lucky enough to hear one from Bud himself.

Entertainment: Reading comments in the comment book and bathroom wall.

1927 SW Jefferson St., 503-228-7010, 11 am-midnight Saturday-Thursday, 11 am-1 am Friday.