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Plew's Brews

Plew's is a beer bar re-imagined as a psychedelic community rec room, with more pictures on the ceiling than on the wall, amid duct work that seems designed by R. Crumb, and at least two dogs always somewhere in the bar. In one corner, the bar's owner is sprucing up a stage that hosts occasional live music and/or ecstatic dance. In the back, a middle-aged local is slumped into a couch watching The Shining for the very first time. Meanwhile, the bar's taps are subject to affirmative action, favoring small breweries and cideries that can't find tap space elsewhere—especially gypsy brewer Awesome Ales. It is not the greatest beer bar in Portland—day staff may not know what's on tap or why—but it is certainly one of the most singular.

ENTERTAINMENT: Lying on the couch and watching TV.

8409 N Lombard St., 503-283-2243. noon-2:30 am daily.