Roscoe's co-owner Jeremy Lewis is the sort of dude who dresses up as a truly frightening SpongeBob Marley for Halloween— and Roscoe's is a reflection partly of his own personality, along with that of partner Quyen Li. This means Roscoe's is unlike any other beer bar in Portland: a low-down Montavilla dive stacked with knickknacks psychedelic or otherwise, a smoking porch with an on-off ventilation switch, an old biker or two hustling pool at the tables, a vast craft-beer menu outfitted with personal tasting notes, and goofball monthly "beer summits" that are almost never quite planned even a week in advance but are always stacked with amazing brews when the day comes.

Happy hour: 2-6 pm daily. Food specials, $1 off wells.

Entertainment: Pool, turning the smoking porch vent on and off.

8105 SE Stark St., 503-255-0049, 11 am-2:30 am Monday-Saturday, 11 am-midnight Sunday.