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Scandals touts itself as "Gay Cheers," and it more than lives up to it, full of years-long regulars and yet immediately welcoming to the red-headed stranger wandering through. It feels like the friendliest place in town, from its always-packed landing strip of a patio, to a bar lined with flirtatious singletons, to its tiny, Timbers-watching TV corner tucked away to one side. Expect every-damn-body to be at its weekend-long Pride block party, now a Portland institution. As everything around it goes retail and restaurant, Scandals is holding up the Stark Street legacy all by itself. And with the bar's near-stunning pyramidal collection of flavored vodkas and rums and Red Bulls, you can rest assured: You're going to stay awake here, and it's going to be sweet.

Happy hour: 4-8 pm daily. $3 wells, $1.50 PBR.

Entertainment: Pool, dancing.

1125 SW Stark St., 503-227-5887, Noon-2:30 am daily.