Nothing lasts forever—except Sloan's Tavern. It opened in 1979 as an adjunct of the auto shop next door and, save the high-def television above the bar, has basically stayed there, the decor untouched by time or taste. Of course, there are plenty of old bars in Portland too stubborn to replace the carpet and swap out the Schlitz swag. How many of them have a semi truck cab jutting from the outside wall, though? Or an antique novelty jukebox loaded with country 45s powering a miniature motorized big-band that shimmies along to each selection? There is just something strange and magical about Sloan's, which is the only explanation for how it's managed to last so long while closing at grandmotherly hours and never opening on Saturdays. What started life as a blue-collar watering hole is now, depending on the night, a lesbian bar, punk bar and goth bar. Watching Damian Lillard torch the Golden State Warriors for 51 points alongside dozens of ecstatic strangers this past February, it was hard to argue it's not the best sports bar in town. And sometimes, it's everything at once. Long may she run.

Happy hour: 4-6 pm. $3.50 microbrews, $3 wells.

Entertainment: Jukebox, pool, Blazers, occasional live music.

36 N Russell St., 503-287-2262, 11 am-10 pm Monday-Thursday, 11 am-midnight Friday.