Stag, designed by tastefully haute Christopher David, looks like Grandpa's den. Or more to the point, the private rooms where today's grandpas once held stag parties, with brown leather couches, Victorian wallpapered sitting rooms, Edison bulbs hanging from nautical rope, and dark, aqua walls covered in snowshoes, ancient oars and framed kitsch—plus a taxidermal white buck behind the bar. Everything about Stag is a happy surprise. The location is just out of reach of Old Town, where parking exists and the Broadway Bridge is readily available should you need a west-side-of-the-river exit strategy. But the best surprise comes at 9:30 pm, when the pop hits morph into something with deeper bass, the sky gets darker, and the men get naked for a pole dance. A happy-hour haunt by day, by night it becomes one of only two all-nude gay strip clubs on the West Coast, after downtown's Silverado.

Happy hour: 3-7 pm daily.

Entertainment: Live, nude man-dancing.

317 NW Broadway, 971-407-3132, 7 pm-2 am Monday, 3 pm-2 am Tuesday-Saturday, 11 am-2 am Sunday.