Union Jack's

Union Jack's strip club is the closest you'll get to From Dusk Till Dawn anywhere near the center of Portland, and that's including the Casa Diablo spinoff that's actually called Dusk 'Til Dawn. Red lights, multiple stages, tight quarters, vaguely menacing soundtrack veering industrial, large and gruff bouncer, seemingly as many dancers as patrons and all with either a body mod or an accent. The place is so immediately sexually suggestive there's no doubting the place's purpose. While party groups roll in, unless you're hanging on the back patio—which is a pleasantly laid-back smoking section where the dancers might as well be off shift—this is not the laid-back Portland strip-club pool-hall hang you've probably gotten used to by now. Union Jack's means business. It's so serious about it, it might as well be an art installation devoted to being a strip club.

Entertainment: It's a strip club.

938 E Burnside St., 503-236-1125, unionjacksclub.com, 2:30 pm- 2:30 am daily.