What's better than drunkenly pedaling through Northwest Portland on a beer- and people-powered bar with 14 of your best friends, bridesmaids, or tipsy officemates? You know this one: doing the same thing, but on a boat.

The BrewBarge is Portland's very first paddle-powered pontoon bar. It's a new sister business from the folks behind BrewCycle, the city's premier pedal-powered brewery crawl.

A 14-passenger vessel that sails the Willamette for an hour and a half each trip, the BrewBarge permits each patron to self-provide up to 32 ounces of beer or cider—soon available from a growler fill station at the Dock—and sails virtually every day this summer. Check brewcycle.com for times.

It's kind of goofy, you might have to pee, and there's no way to avoid your boss's awkward questions when you're in the middle of a body of water on a raft together. But you'll be drinking craft beer in the middle of a damn river, and that's a tough feeling to beat, regardless of the circumstances.