Great Oregon Breweries Outside of Portland

Portland's top beer bars put in the hard yards to track down the choicest brews from across the state. Here are some out-of-town breweries you should keep an eye on when selecting your next pint at places like Bailey's Taproom, Horse Brass and Saraveza.

Block 15 Brewing Company


An excellent all-around brewery with great seasonals, Block 15 made our second-favorite beer of 2015—Framboise White golden raspberry lambic.

Boneyard Beer


Boneyard put itself on the map by making some of the hugest, dankest IPAs in Oregon. Order the RPM IPA, which is especially delicious when freshly tapped.

Buoy Beer Company


Buoy's oceanside brewery has become one of Astoria's biggest tourist attractions, and its excellent lagers—especially the Pilsner—are becoming go-to Oregon beers.

Pfriem Family Brewers

Hood River

One of the best breweries in the state, Pfriem won Brewery of the Year at the 2016 Oregon Beer Awards for its Belgian-influenced beers.

De Garde Brewing


Trevor and Linsey Rogers' wild-fermented beers are some of the most sought-after in Oregon, which means you should seize every opportunity to drink their weird and wonderful brews.