It's easy to forget, but back in 2002, flush on the success of Thirteen Tales from Urban Bohemia, the Dandy Warhols—Portland's original psych-rock stars—bought an entire city block, a 10,000-square-foot former warehouse parked on industrial, low-rent Slabtown.

Since then it's been their rec room, party hall, recording studio, private performance space and home base—and now, at least part of it is going to be a bar.

It'll be called the Old Portland. And according to sources close to frontman Courtney Taylor-Taylor, it'll be a wine bar.

It'll also be the first time any part of the Odditorium—whose interior could be characterized as falling somewhere between antique overstock warehouse and burlesque hall—has been open to the public.

Wine bar or no, a Dandy Warhols bar may be the only little piece of old Portland left in Slabtown aside from Radio Cab dispatch, Yur's and Joe's Cellar, in a zone currently dominated by mixed-use housing, New Seasons and New Besaw's.

Taylor-Taylor's wine cellars are notoriously well-stocked, and his love of wine is well-documented—we reviewed a 2010 vintage of now-defunct Chateau Taylor-Taylor's Bocca D'Avolo back in 2012, finding it a bit "disembodied from its nose."

But this won't, we presume, be a revival of the Chateau. We'll post more details about the Warholian wine bar as they emerge.

In the meantime, we suggest you brush up on your Dandyisms by re-watching one of the world's greatest rock documentaries.