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Drink Gamine Wines' Straw-Colored Sparkling White Wine

Pét-nat has become something of a calling card here in Oregon.

Kate Norris is half of the winemaking team behind Division Winemaking Co. and the Southeast Wine Collective, but a new project—Gamine Wines—is hers alone.

Norris' take on pétillant-naturel, a style of bottle-fermented sparkling wine, turned heads last year in its first season of release. This year's release of the Gamine pét-nat is every bit as good. Made from the red grenache grape, this is a straw-colored sparkling white wine, a neat trick of winemaking that's become something of a calling card here in Oregon. In the glass, look for Italian sparkling lemonade and raisin bread, with an elegant bubble structure that elevates the wine from pét-nat's farmhouse roots.

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Most of this wine was snapped up pre-release by top wine bars and shops in New York and Los Angeles. Your best bet is to order directly from Southeast Wine Collective, where dosage and zero-dosage bottles are still available. Recommended.