These days, you don't have to give up your hoppy favorites to take a pretty solid trip to the land of European beer.

Pfriem's excellent pilsner just became the first American-made version to medal in the European Beer Star, and we have an ever-increasing number of breweries and bars dedicated to old-world traditions to go with our decidedly American brewpubs.

This week, spend some of that plane ticket money on a trip to Portland's own cherry beer festival to taste new and old world krieks, and follow it up by a trip to Lents' year-old German-style beer hall. But don't forget to sprinkle in an IPA from Inglewood, a salted caramel stout from a SE Portland suburb, and watch people eat shit on skis while drinking a $3 can of cucumber kettle sour in the middle of NW. Then, laugh in the face of anyone who tells you their town has better beer culture than yours.

They don't. They just don't.

Thursday, November 17

Sierra Nevada Beer Camp ChicoCabra Celebration

(Bridget Baker)
(Bridget Baker)

In the world of garage and basement-dwelling homebrewers, a trip to Sierra Nevada's Beer Camp may as well be a week spent at the Wonka factory. Two of Belmont Station's own cashed in their golden tickets this past year, returning from Chico with a tasty batch of stout to share with their jealous, beer-soaked universe. Belmont Station, 4500 SE Stark St. 5-7 pm. Free.

Friday, November 18

Cherry Festivus

Hilary Sander
Hilary Sander

The second annual celebration of cherry-infused ales and lagers is a much-expanded affair, now three days long, and including artisanal chocolate pairings. With world-sought pours like Cantillon Kriek, De Garde's Petit Kriek, and a cherry-filled-randall pour of Ecliptic's imperial cherry porter, we've got two words that pair well with all of the aforementioned changes: Yes, please. Bazi Bierbrasserie, 1522 SE 32nd Ave. 5-11 pm Friday, November 18, 3-11 pm Saturday, November 19, 1-7 pm Sunday. November 20.

Three Weavers Launch Party

Given their affinity for all things hip-hop, it's not surprising that the folks at N.W.I.P.A. have taken a liking to Inglewood-based brewery Three Weavers since its inception two years ago. Creators of fantastic ales and lagers both hoppy and otherwise, female brewmaster Alexandria Nowell is the beer equivalent of a 2016 XXL Freshman Class member—making waves from the rap-haven's 30 barrel brewhouse that are well deserving of a spin (or several pours). N.W.I.P.A., 6350 SE Foster Rd. 6-9 pm. Free.

Saturday, November 19

Zoiglhaus' First Anniversary Party

(Emily Joan Greene/WW)
(Emily Joan Greene/WW)

Lents-based German-style outpost Zoiglhaus has been slowly gorwing into its massive East Portland space for a full go around the sun, climbing the ranks of bavarian-themed breweries since opening a year ago. They're already crafting some of the best Helles and Berliner Weiss that this city has ever known, and you can celebrate that fact this evening by tasting some of brewer Alan Taylor's even rarer stuff, all while listening to the sweet (sweet?) sounds of a band called European Takeout. Zoiglhaus Brewing Company, 5716 SE 92nd Ave. 5-10 pm. Free.

10 Barrel Pray for Snow Party

Emily Joan Greene
Emily Joan Greene

Even the macro gods smile upon ski season. 10 Barrel reaches into its deep pockets to close down two streets near its NW Flanders locale for a snow-packed rail jam that includes $3 cans of Cucumber Crush and Pub Beer all evening long. Cheap sour beer and an opportunity to watch people crash and burn on skis and snowboards in the Pearl District? Say what you want about Budweiser, but they sure know how to throw our kinda party. 10 Barrel Brewing, 1411 NW Flanders St. 5-10 pm. Free.

Tuesday, November 22

Russian River Brewing Night

Five taps of legendary Russian River brewery will take over Green Dragon tonight—with limited-edition bottle sales as well. Expect Supplication sour brown aged in pinot barrels, Temptation sour blonde aged in chardonnay barrels, and Consecration sour dark aged in cabernet barrels, plus Pliny the Elder and Blind Pig. Green Dragon, 928 SE 9th Ave. 5-9 pm. Free.

Breakside Salted Caramel Stout Release

You know your stout is good when an IPA-dedicated beer bar throws it a launch party. Long among the best seasonal dark ales to bless this river town, Breakside's Salted Caramel Stout ooozes complex, salty-sweet aromas, providing a perfect compliment to the world's darker days. But with a fully stocked kegerator of other Milwaukee-made creations, there's still probably something hoppy to sate your lupulin tooth, too. N.W.I.P.A., 6350 SE Foster Rd. 6-9 pm. Free.