Old Town's 36-year–old Alexis Greek restaurant on West Burnside Street, which closed last month after its owner and general manager retired, will soon become a two-story Greek-named nightclub called Nyx.

On its very first night of business, New Year's Eve, the bar plans to play host to vintage L.A. alt-hip-hop crew the Pharcyde, making a rare small-venue appearance. But it'll be less a venue than a DJ spot, with a wide array of DJs both local and touring, along with the occasional live show, a "house show for grown-ups" on the edge of the Old Town shitshow.

Its owners include two brothers named Jupiter Desphy V and VII (every man in their family has borne the name, going all the way back to their grandfather) who've worked at Portland spots Dig a Pony and Angel Face (Jupiter VII) and renowned Las Vegas nightclub palaces Tao and swimming-pool club Marquee (Jupiter V).

The owners will turn the upstairs office space into a bar space, creating a two-story bar. Nyx, for those less into mythology, is the Greek god of night, which co-owner Joel Priest (Red Fox, Horse Brass, Slow and Low) says is a tribute to the long tenure of Alexis in the space, and the bar will also include little "easter eggs" devoted to Alexis, in the form of a Greek-inflected food menu and Alexis-branded matchbooks at the bar.

For decades, Alexis restaurant presided over a westside bar scene dominated by Greek business owners at places like rock hubs Satyricon and Berbati's, frat hangs like the octopus-haunted Greek Cusina and beloved total dives like Tony's Tavern, which is closing this New Year's Eve. With Alexis gone, the Old Town district will be largely Greek-bar free except for Valentine's in the Ankeny Alley, bought by Opie Pappaiannou, whose father owned Berbati's.

OLCC permitting, will kick off the nightclub with alt-hip-hop crew the Pharcyde and big-deal Los Angeles DJ Brett Hartt at their "soft opening" on New Year's Eve. Tickets will be $50 and include champagne and a big ol' balloon drop. 

Though the club will be open for business after New Year's, Nyx will be expanding its bar and menu and entertainment program throughout January for an anticipated February grand opening party, owners say.