California Transplant Beer Bar Gestalt Haus is Closed, Maybe Permanently, on Division Street

They're taking at least 21 days off, but the phones are disconnected.

Gestalt Haus seemed like a perfect fit for Portland when its co-founders brought it up from San Francisco this last June.

Devoted to German beers, brats from local sausagehouse Zenner's, and bicycles, Gestalt has been an old-school, biker and hippie-friendly beer spot since opening in the old Eugenio's space on Southeast Division Street.

But at least until March 13, Gestalt Haus will be closed—serving out a 21-day Oregon Liquor Control Commission suspension for failing to pay liquor liability insurance, and then not paying the assessed $3,470 fine.

But WW received reports the bar had already closed in the days leading up to the suspension, and the bar's phone has also been disconnected. Neither the Portland nor San Francisco Gestalt has answered calls or responded to e-mails.

In our visits to the bar leading up to the suspension, attendance had been sparse—although the biking community was a strong faction among the bar's regulars.

Despite being a California transplant, the bar has seemed almost true to the community spirit that animated old-school Italian spot and sometime music venue Eugenio's.

Eugenio's, for its part, had held a marching "wake" down Division Street on its final day of business, declaring the death of Old Portland.

Loon—an equally old-school, community-minded bar devoted to live music—opened last March on Southeast Division Street, and had to close its doors in October.

Gestalt Haus's liquor license suspension ends at 7 am, March 13.

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