This Sunday at 2 am, Daylight Saving Times jumps Portland clocks an hour into the future, skipping the city's legal last call of 2:30 am entirely. That means last call is coming in a whole half hour earlier. Sorry, drunks.

OLCC regulation states that alcohol sales and consumption must cease once 2 am becomes 3 am on Sunday. For those who are usually still partying when the lights come on, adjust your boozing accordingly.

Look on the bright side: You can go home and make a quesadilla half an hour earlier, which is the whole point of going out at all—right? And although businesses will lose a half hour of sales during this time change, they will gain an hour in November, when Daylight Saving's Time ends.

This announcement gives us to excuse to share two incredible things with you.

The first is a video of Ohio University college kids, who rioted when the bars closed an hour during the start of Daylight Savings Time in a dark, barbaric time before blogs could inform them of liquor licensing regulations. Twenty-seven people were arrested in what became known as the "Athens Time Change Riot."

And here's a classic tune by Minneapolis alt-rock band Semisonic: