Creepy Clown Bar Coming From the Owners of White Owl Social Club

Think animatronic clowns, deep-fried peanuts and pickletinis.

The owners of White Owl Social Club have been quietly renovating the now-closed Charlie Horse Saloon next to Star Bar on Southeast Morrison Street, to be less Western and more… creepy.

The Devil is in the details. CREEPY'S IS COMING! . . . . #pdx #pdxnow #pdxbars #pdxeats #pdxpinball #portland

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The bar, scheduled to open Sept. 6, is devoted less to horror-show aesthetics than the unsettling kitsch of old amusement parks and of Instagram—which is, of course, where we found all these pictures.

Keep your eyes peeled. CREEPY'S IS COMING! . . . . #pdx #pdxnow #pdxbars #portland #animatronics #robot

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CREEPY’S IS COMING! . . . . #pdx #pdxnow #pdxbars #pdxeats #portland

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"Most food items will be things we miss from the East Coast that aren't very common here.," co-owner Matt Relkin tells WW.

A few menu items will be an all-day breakfast sandwich made with Taylor Ham, which is a New Jersey staple that's like a cross between bologna and ham, extremely unhealthy and delicious. We will also have a spicy fried chicken sandwich inspired by the Commodore in Brooklyn, NY."

Cocktails will include tiki drinks, Harvey Wallbangers and frozen coffee.

Here's the food menu:

And here are the drinks:

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