1. The Cavern 

4601 SE Hawthorne Blvd.

(Aubrey Gigandet)
(Aubrey Gigandet)

This dimly lit whiskey joint is the injection of fresh blood the Barmuda Triangle has needed for years—an old rocker bar that's dignified, cozy and a just a wee bit punk.

2. Chapel Hill

4380 SE Hawthorne Blvd.

Some of the neon art on display at Chapel Hill. IMAGE: Courtesy of Steven Cook.
Some of the neon art on display at Chapel Hill. IMAGE: Courtesy of Steven Cook.

The owner of popular Northeast Sandy bar Church is opening another house of worship—this one on Hawthorne—on the highest holy day of 4/20. It'll have neon art, grain-and-tile decor and a menu featuring pho tacos. Hallelujah!

3. Palomar

959 SE Division St.

Award-winning bartender Ricky Gomez's new daiquiri-crazed Cuban joint is now open, and early reports say it lives up to the hype. As promised, the daiquiri list is extensive, featuring simple classics along with more adventurous banana, strawberry and piña colada blends.

4. Von Ebert

131 NW 13th Ave., 503-820-7721, vonebertbrewing.com.

(Liz Allan)
(Liz Allan)

Owner Tom Cook has reopened the former Fat Head's with a simpler look, a new name and a few eye-popping German recipes in place of the previous, gaudy Midwestern counterparts: Goodbye, cloying blueberry ale; hello, clovey German hefeweizen.

5. Xport

1355 SW 2nd Ave., 503-306-4800.

Departure no longer owns the high-end hotel rooftop market. This lavish cocktail lounge just opened on the 16th floor of the Porter Hotel, and it's got fire pits, epic views of the west hills and a partially covered terrace perfect for spring nights of indeterminate weather.