2366 SE 82nd Ave.

We love the über-authentic approach to German beer at Stammtisch, but not everyone requires brand-specific glassware to enjoy a pint of Kölsch. Classics from Mikkeller, Hofbräu and Hacker-Pschorr rub elbows with localish takes on kellerweis and helles, and a hidden back patio offers an idyllic locale for day drinking and a casual game of cornhole.

CLUB 205

9939 SE Stark St.

Head east of 82nd and you'll quickly notice a positive correlation between a strip club's distance from downtown and its level of destitution. By that token, Club 205 is the carefree eastern bookend to Portland's strip-club scene, with three stages working in tandem to offer a panoramic view of cheerful ladies who run the gamut of local stripper aesthetics.


9950 SE Stark St.

Like a remora that gently feasts on the nice guys turned off by the roughshod horrors of attached strip club Mystic, Falco's is that rare neighborhood bar in the Numbers that's too friendly and well-kept to digress to dive status. The PBR is cheap, the karaoke is rowdy, and the steak, which actually comes from Mystic via a slot in the wall, is a rare slice of tasty economy that'll remind you why life past 82nd ain't that bad.


5919 SE 82nd Ave. 

The sign on the door advertising "NO VIDEO LOTTERY" says it all about this little neighborhood bar stashed among Southeast 82nd's many used-car lots and out-of-luck eateries. The beer is cheap and mostly semi-obscure offerings from local favorites, the patio out back is perfect, and the bartenders are all unbelievably sweet. If you're lucky enough to live near the Lion's Eye, you shall want for nothing.


5836 SE 92nd Ave.

Complaints from longtime Lents residents about the Eagle Eye being a "hipster bar" were inevitable, but this sister bar to Lion's Eye is so much more than a shithole using craft beer and bright colors to cosplay as a cool-kid hang. Eagle Eye walks the talk with cheap drinks, karaoke, a pool table and a staff of sassy barkeeps who can spot a new-money interloper from a mile away.

(Jerek Hollender)
(Jerek Hollender)


620 SE 122nd Ave.

Sometimes a hulking sports bar with a Guy Fieri-baiting menu and TVs everywhere is exactly what you need. While this concept might not fly farther west, the truth at Bridge City is there is no "concept"—just cheap craft beer from Barley Brown and Boneyard, massive portions of stoner-ific bar food and an unpretentious vibe that's unsullied by excessive amounts of corporate branding.