Backyard Social

1914 N Killingsworth St.

With picnic tables bathed in soft light from a chain of glowing orbs, this spot in NoPo has the backyard that all other backyards aspire to be.

(Henry Cromett)
(Henry Cromett)

Billy Ray's Dive

2216 NE Martin Luther King Jr. Blvd.

Not only does this cash-only dive have some of the cheapest beer in town, it also has one of the most quaint and least divey patios to drink it on.

Great Notion Brewing

2204 NE Alberta St., No. 101

The beer speaks for itself, but a chill patio that's tucked away from the bustle of Alberta is always a welcome environment for drinking some of the best IPAs in the city.

Leisure Public House

8002 N Lombard St.

Hidden among Lombard's many video lottery bars is this terminally chill tavern that has a covered patio for smokers and a bocce ball court for those in search of, well, leisure.

Level Beer

5211 NE 148th Ave.

Housed in a former produce market, Level has made excellent use of an old greenhouse by turning it into the outer eastside's finest drinking porch.

(Carleigh Oeth)
(Carleigh Oeth)

McMenamins Edgefield

2126 SW Halsey St., Troutdale

If you still think Edgefield is just a place to see shows in the summer, stroll through this massive estate on an off night and you'll realize it's basically one giant patio.


4237 N Mississippi Ave.

Prost's back deck is the first to be packed on uncommonly warm April afternoons, and for good reason—aside from Bar Bar, this is the essential outdoor drinking spot on Mississippi.

The Rambler

4205 N Mississippi Ave.

We dearly miss the macrame chairs and hammocks of the Bungalow Bar era, but the Rambler has done a fine job of keeping its beloved patio mostly the same while shaking off the bro plague and improving its kitchen and cocktail menus as well.

(Emily Joan Greene)
(Emily Joan Greene)

Teote Mezcaleria

2700 NE Alberta St.

Unlike its Hawthorne location, the massive patio at Teote's new Mezcaleria on Alberta is immediately visible to all the foot traffic. You may have to fight for seating near the fire pit, but it sure is worth it.


4825 N Albina St.

Decked out in bamboo and string lights, this respite from the Mississippi scene doubles as the 'hood's most photogenic outdoor hang.



930 SE Sandy Blvd.

Century is many things to many people, but chill seekers looking for a panoramic view at sundown know this luxe Buckman sports bar is unbeatable during the golden hour.

(Thomas Teal)
(Thomas Teal)

Gold Dust Meridian

3267 SE Hawthorne Blvd.

Skip the picnic tables out front for a leafy nook that's a perfect escape from the tourist action of Hawthorne.


15 SE 28th Ave. 

There may not be a better place in this busy dining district to chain-smoke cigarettes, drink Olympia and complain about your co-workers.

Landmark Saloon

4847 SE Division St. 

Pearl snaps, barbecue and Shiner Bock are the move at this little slice of Texas in a converted bungalow near 50th and Division.

Night Light Lounge

2100 SE Clinton St.

Proudly proclaiming it's "Not on Division since 2004," Night Light has a secluded patio with plenty of tables hidden from the throngs of tourists with Salt & Straw dripping down their faces.

Revolution Hall

1300 SE Stark St.

Last summer, Revolution Hall's rooftop bar became a civic treasure within days of its opening. You're doing summer wrong if you haven't been yet. What are you waiting for? Go!

(Thomas Teal)
(Thomas Teal)

Roadside Attraction

1000 SE 12th St.

The patio at Roadside Attraction is a quaint abstraction tucked away far from the modern world, and within it is a collection of even quainter hidey holes in which to disappear when your crew would rather be alone, yet together.


600 E Burnside St. 

You may think you're "over" Rontoms, but no one is too cool for its sprawling patio and the free music it offers every Sunday night.

Space Room Lounge

4800 SE Hawthorne Blvd.

This Barmuda Triangle staple finally copped to the fact that bars don't need parking lots, with the end result being a huge side patio with cornhole, picnic tables, and way more room than a bar twice as popular would know what to do with.

Wayfinder Beer

304 SE 2nd Ave. 

Now that it's brewing its own beer, Wayfinder's giant wooden patio may be the quintessential inner-Southeast destination for a Helles Radler, and a plate of nachos is just what the doctor ordered.

White Owl Social Club

1305 SE 8th Ave.

Between the plethora of vegan options, the fantastic happy hour and the expansive beer list, if you can't find something to enjoy on White Owl's patio, you may not actually like patios.


10 Barrel

1411 NW Flanders St.

Strategically placed on a busy thoroughfare in the Pearl, 10 Barrel's rooftop deck may be the most FOMO-inducing patio in town. It's about time to leave work early and join all the cool kids watching the sun set over the West Hills with a beer in your hand.

(Henry Crommet)
(Henry Crommet)

21st Ave. Bar and Grill

721 NW 21st Ave.

The patio hidden behind 21st Ave. Bar and Grill is a godsend for power drinkers with nowhere else to go on this busy and broey bar street.


525 SW Morrison St.

Oh, you fancy? Then you know the drill—start your night at Departure and end it at the house of a Blazer if you play your cards right.


725 SW 10th Ave.

This downtown service-industry hang isn't a secret anymore, but the awesome patio out back still feels like one.


Nel Centro

1408 SW 6th Ave.

With $4 Upright drafts and a $9 plate of mussels during happy hour, Nel Centro may be the only downtown hotel bar with a patio that's appealing to common folk.

North 45

517 NW 21st Ave.

While it's always sad to see a good westside dive go, the former Wimpy's space has been rehabbed nicely into a Pottery Barn-like space with excellent pommes frites and an even better back patio to eat them on.

Pope House Bourbon Lounge

2075 NW Glisan St.

If your ideal of the South includes visions of gentlemen with two first names sipping bourbon on the patios of stately Victorians, Pope House is as good as it gets on a hot summer day.


1020 NW 17th Ave.

You won't catch any rays on Paymaster's patio between drags on your American Spirit, but the upside of all that corrugated plastic is that it's perfect for year-round outdoor drinking.

(Thomas Teal)
(Thomas Teal)

Skyline Tavern

8031 NW Skyline Blvd.

With a sprawling backyard boasting horseshoes, fire pits and a massive grill, this revitalized roadhouse in the West Hills is the closest thing you'll get to drinking in the woods while still within Portland city limits.


1355 SW 2nd Ave.

The terrace of this new bar on the 16th floor of the Porter Hotel offers impressive views of both the eastside and the West Hills, as well as fire pits and a section with just enough cover to keep the rain away on an iffy spring evening.

(Christine Dong)
(Christine Dong)