927 SE Morrison St., 503-231-1606, sassysbar.com. 10:30 am-2 am nightly. Happy hour 3-8 pm: $2.50 craft beers.

Established: 2001

As locals will advise, the "thing about Portland strip clubs" is that a lot of them are closer to neighborhood bars than they are to the champagne-roomed counterparts you find in other cities. Enter this dark, circuitous venue before 8 pm on a weekday and you'll find the bar lined with men quietly nursing $2.50 pints from Sassy's two dozen taps, many of which dispense Oregon craft favorites. As locals will advise, you will grab a pint and hang out with your buddy at a table, then venture over to the rail to watch a tattooed dancer who's far too acrobatic to be working the day shift anywhere else. The beat of her chosen song will drop, and she will catch the pole with her bent elbow and twirl round and round, seated in a lotus position, gravity and time no longer applicable. As locals will advise, you will tip generously and say thank you after her set.