7907 SE Stark St., 971-242-8729, vintagepdx.com. 4 pm-late daily.

Established: September 2009

The "neighborhood bar" designation cannot simply be claimed—it must be earned, ideally, by creating an environment where the neighborhood actually wants to hang out. This is how the Vintage Cocktail Lounge thrives where other "craft cocktail" bars struggle. Sure, a seven-ingredient bespoke cocktail is fun, but after work on a Tuesday, few things can feel as welcoming as a properly made old-fashioned and some good conversation. This is not to slight the bar's creativity—true to its moniker, the Vintage Cocktail Lounge puts an emphasis on crafting a perfect Penicillin or Sazerac. But the bartenders are true spirit geeks, and their house creations, like the Rabbit Habits (bourbon, Pedro Ximénez sherry, Avèze and dandelion bitters; $11), speak to that passion while eschewing any hint of pretension. So order some deviled eggs ($3) or the housemade Chex mix ($4), ask your bartender a few questions, and sit back and enjoy a well-made drink at your friendly neighborhood cocktail bar.