2733 NE Broadway, 503-662-8454, halepele.com. 4 pm-midnight Sunday-Thursday, 4 pm-1 am Friday-Saturday. Happy hour 4-6 pm daily: $6 cocktails, food specials.

Established: August 2012

Recently named third-best tiki bar in the world by Critiki, Hale Pele is a Disneyland-like experience where rum lovers crowd around bowls of colorful drinks while cracks of thunder and curls of smoke dance around the thatched ceiling. Bartenders help you navigate the dangerously large cocktail menu, which presents tiki classics like Trader Vic's original mai tai ($11) alongside signature creations such as the award-winning Lost Lagoon (rum, pineapple and cold brew; $11), each with a set of volcano icons below to suggest how much of a punch it packs. Reservations are available only for parties 8 to 12 deep, but you're allowed to knock back a few near the newly installed magma pools while you wait for a table. This allows plenty of time to ogle other patrons' orders, which often arrive tableside with flames leaping to the ceiling. Order a Volcano Bowl ($25, serves 2-3), and you, too, can enjoy the eyebrow-scorching delight of rum, citrus, pineapple and cinnamon that's been set ablaze.