4534 SE Belmont St., 503-232-2202, horsebrass.com. 11 am-2:30 am daily.

Established: 1976

The godfather of Portland beer bars, this 42-year-old English-style pub was here before Portland became Beervana, and helped put Oregon craft beer on the map. Late, great founder Don Younger started with imports before nurturing early Oregon brewers, all the while keeping a vital pub culture. The 50-plus draft lines feature English classics like Guinness and Old Speckled Hen and authentic food like a massive fish and chips platter, pot pie, ploughman's platters and yes, a scotch egg. Publican Joellin Piluso keeps the Brass relevant with 20 rotating taps of fresh-faced new local breweries from Boneyard to Ruse. Few concessions have been made for hipster sensibilities, and don't come here for the game unless that game is darts or soccer.