1927 SW Jefferson St., 503-228-7010, goosehollowinn.com. 11 am-12:30 am Saturday-Thursday, 11 am-1:30 am Friday.

Established: 1967

This classic tavern's slogan states a dedication to "extremes of opinion, hoping that a livable marriage will result," but everyone seated in this homey nook in Southwest gets along famously. The Goose is decked out with old Budweiser signs in reverence to its founder, Bud Clark, who went on to be mayor of Portland from 1985 to 1992. It's common to encounter three generations of regulars clinking 20-ounce pints of Widmer Hefe ($5.50), old men watching basketball and savoring the hallowed Reuben ($10.95), and residents of the surrounding apartment buildings bumming smokes and telling tales of Old Portland on the Inn's covered patio.