832 N Killingsworth St., 971-407-3995, killingsworthdynasty.com. 7 pm-2 am Wednesday-Saturday.

Established: April 2015

North Portland didn't have much experience with dance clubs before Killingsworth Dynasty came along. Maybe that's why, when owner Michael Wolfson first made his plans known, the neighborhood association turned into the city council from Footloose, openly wringing its hands over the bar's potential to attract crime and, perhaps worse, bridge-and-tunnel party kids. "This is a bar for hipsters on bicycles," Wolfson assured attendees at an early Oregon Liquor Control Commission hearing. Indeed, if any gelled-up Beavertonian got the wrong impression, the obscuro soundtrack would send them running back to Old Town, if the gender-neutral restrooms didn't give them a panic attack first. Like the bars it's frequently compared to—Holocene and Wolfson's much-mourned Rotture—the vibe at Dynasty is somewhere between illegal warehouse party and DIY art gallery, with exposed-brick décor, PVC light fixtures and DJ nights dedicated to outre flavors ranging from post-punk to Japanese funk. Unlike those other spots, it also makes for a functional hangout during turnt-down hours. On a slower night, you can slide into a booth with friends, order vegan chicken and waffles, and only have to yell a little bit to be heard over the Depeche Mode album on the speakers.