6129 NE Fremont St., 503-288-2944, madhanna.com. 11 am-2:30 am daily. Happy hour 3-6 pm Monday-Friday, noon-3 pm Saturday: $1 off well drinks, $1.50 domestic drafts, $3.50 micro drafts.

Established: January 2013

Adjoining a bespoke butcher's shop along a residential stretch of Cully woefully underserved by a proper drinking establishment, any ordinary bar would probably have earned a following among the fading hipster first-time homeowners overtaking the area. But Mad Hanna's founders have never stopped tinkering with their highly personalized vision of a neighborhood local steeped in restless whimsy. Walk past the DJ booth and upholstered corner parlor, through the crowds milling about the game-strewn barroom and underneath the Wonder Woman poster to find a ramshackle backyard veranda dominated by Oregon Trail—and Duck Hunt-themed shed murals. None of the pieces quite fit together, which means they all sorta do, and the DayGlo DIY aesthetic extends to a chalkboard cocktail menu juggling the sublime ("$6.25 Ginger Whiskey Sour") and ridiculous ("$9 CBD Margarita"). While most regulars enjoy the well-curated array of mostly local brews, make sure to plunk down $1.50 for a pudding shot—an addictive dollop of soft-serve indulgence that's become Mad Hanna's signature libation. As an ideal blend of the playful and potent, the 80 proof is in the pudding.